New NetEnt Live Casino Service Launched

netent casino logoHot on the heels of launching their new live casino game Perfect Blackjack, NetEnt have revealed another big change to their service. Again, this focuses on their live casino service, and it is the arrival of a completely new platform.

With two rooms, six tables and five games on offer, this is a complete live casino service that is sure to be popular with both casino providers and players themselves as this service is rolled out.

This branded live casino service will look different depending on where you play it. There are different levels of customisation that casino providers can use to make the service look and feel like their own, so make sure you look out for those and see what is on offer from the casinos you are a member of.

Here are the basics of what you need to know:

  • One live casino service brought to you by NetEnt
  • Two different rooms available for players
  • Room one has two standard blackjack tables plus one VIP only table
  • Room two has Perfect Blackjack, Common Draw Blackjack and standard roulette
  • Total of five games across six different tables for players to explore
  • Change table or room within this new service without the need to go back to the lobby

Change Your Table and Game in Seconds

The big advantage of this new live casino service as far as players go is how easy it is to move around and change the table and game you are playing on. There is no need to go to the lobby to find somewhere new to play, you can simply leave the table you are on and move onto another table, even if this means moving from one room to another inside the feature.

This means whether it is playing the same game but changing table or moving games completely from blackjack to roulette, this is something you can do with ease.

All of this adds to the user experience and the speed in which you can play games online. In a world where we are all becoming busier and having less time to focus on gaming, having something like this that helps you switch around the game you are playing is something that can make a big difference.

If you are short on time then you no longer have to stick to one game if you are playing with a casino that offers this service. Instead, you can quickly flick between the new Perfect Blackjack title, roulette and standard blackjack if you wish without wasting any time.

It is clear that over the past few weeks, NetEnt have made big moves with their live casino service. This is something they are focusing on right now, following the trend that players are turning towards this due to the experience it gives.

Although you are playing online at home, the live casino section of any website allows you to play your favourite games along with a real-life dealer, something that appeals to many players.

The speed element of these games has always been an issue but with their new service, NetEnt have solved the issue of moving in between games and this is something that will certainly appeal to players who don’t have as much time as they would like to play casino games.

How do Progressive Jackpot Slot Games Work?

progressive jackpot slot gameFor most slot players, the lure of winning the jackpot is what gets them to play the games on offer. Some games have a fixed jackpot total that you can try to win, while other games which are specifically based around their jackpot have what is known as a progressive jackpot. The basic reason why is because this is a jackpot that gets progressively bigger, but for those who have never played before, how do these games actually work?

Progressive jackpot games are known to have the biggest pay outs available on casino games, which is why they are so appealing to players. With just one single spin of the reels you could find yourself on the receiving end of a life-changing sum of money thanks to one of the many progressive jackpot games that are out there for you to play.

The jackpot will rise and the winner will come completely at random on the games, the more people that play, the quicker the jackpot will rise. The majority of online casinos will offer a number of these progressive jackpot games for you to play, and you will be able to see the current prize total before you join in the game if you wish.

The Basics of Progressive Jackpot Games

When you play a progressive jackpot game, you are often playing a game that many more people are at the same time. Many casinos offer these games as they are very popular, so it is players across many different casino sites that are taking part and in with a chance of winning. The good news for players is that with more players taking part across the different platforms, the jackpot prizes on offer will increase at a faster rate, so the big prizes will come thick and fast for you.

The reason that these games are known as ‘progressive jackpot’ games is because the jackpot keeps building until someone wins it. This can be something that grows for weeks and months before it is eventually won, and of course the longer it takes to drop, the more people play and the bigger the prize goes.

Daily and Hourly Jackpot Games

As an addition to the main progressive jackpot games that are on offer, we are now seeing more and more daily and hourly jackpot games produced. These games work in the same way but instead of going on until the game is randomly won, it is limited to being won once every day or once every hour in the hourly games.

These are great for those who want to sit down and play a game while feeling that they have a genuine chance of winning while they are playing. A regular progressive jackpot game could be won months after you play depending on the game while an hourly jackpot game offers a win every single hour of the day, so could be won while you are playing either by you or another player.

Red Tiger Gaming Seal Another Big Deal to Increase Exposure

Red Tiger GamingIt has been a big few weeks for Red Tiger Gaming recently and they have added another deal to their books which will see their games have an even bigger reach. This deal is with Video Slots, with their jackpot network of games joining other titles that they already have on the platform. This means many more players will now be able to experience the games they have on offer, particularly the jackpot games.

The unique jackpots that Red Tiger Gaming offer certainly catch the eye, and with more people expected to see and play these due to this deal, it is only going to enhance their name and reputation with players. Not only do they offer regular progressive jackpot games but they also offer daily jackpots and even hourly jackpots for those who are looking to put themselves in with a chance of winning immediately.

Players who already play on these games through their casino should also be thrilled with this news. The addition of these games on the Video Slots website means a bigger reach, this should mean more players and that means bigger jackpots for those lucky enough to land a win.

The other people who should be thrilled with the news is Red Tiger Gaming themselves. They have been in the news a lot recently, signing up to a deal with GentingBet this month and being bought out by NetEnt in September.

When that takeover was completed, we were not sure what kind of strategy would be employed by Red Tiger Gaming moving forward but just one month later we have already seen the deal have a huge impact in how they are operating. They are being aggressive and getting their games out to a much wider audience, all thanks to the backing of NetEnt.

It is clear that NetEnt want to push this gaming company forward, and the improvements we are seeing can only be good for players who like their games. We have seen an investment in getting their products out to the public, and alongside that we will hopefully see an investment in the products themselves, which should end up with us having more games to choose from, and better games too.

This all looks positive for players, and especially positive for Red Tiger Gaming, who continue to grow after being bought by the NetEnt group.

Betfred Forced to Pay £322,000 for Money Laundering Failures

Betfred casino logoThe online gambling company Betfred have been forced to pay a total of £322,000 in costs due to failure to have the procedures in place to prevent money laundering from taking place on their website. The fine and fees were given to Petfre Ltd, who trade as Betfred, and they will make the payment after an investigation made by the UK Gambling Commission.

During the investigation, the UK Gambling Commission found that Petfre had failed to carry out the right ‘source of funds’ checks for one customer in November 2017. During a 12 day period, this customer had made deposits totalling £210,000 and during the same period had accumulated losses of £140,000.

The Commission found that for a customer to have deposited and lost this much during a 12 day period it is clear to see that Petfre did not complete the necessary procedures surrounding money laundering policies. They should not have allowed someone to deposit so much, or someone to lose so much, without asking the proper questions that they should do based on the ‘source of money’ rules that are in place.

The total fine given to Petfre is split into two. The first part of it is the £140,000 that they profited from this which the player lost. This is money to be paid back to the victim of the original crime, where the money came from to begin with. The second part is a fine of £182,000 and this is something that the company will pay to the ‘National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms’ fund which has been set up. This will allow further work to be done by them in an attempt to make gambling as safe as it can possibly be.

Money laundering is a crime that the UK Gambling Commission takes very seriously as they know that crime gangs target the gambling industry as a way of laundering money they have stolen. This payment that Petfre have had to make after this case will no doubt serve as a warning to others to ensure that their money laundering procedures are up to speed and in place correctly, as well as having their staff trained to spot these issues and know what to do when they appear.



GentingBet Add Red Tiger Gaming to Their Portfolio

gentingbet logoThere hasn’t been a casino revamp as much over the past few weeks as GentingBet and they have announced their third change this week with the addition of Red Tiger Gaming to their portfolio. This will see them bring in a number of Red Tiger Gaming titles to their service and it comes on the back of adding NetEnt to their service and revamping their casino and sportsbook service.

GentingBet are part of the group that own the Genting Casinos in the UK, so began life as a real-life casino before moving online. With those casinos in place they had a foothold in the market and that certainly helped them pick up plenty of players early on. Now they are also firmly in the online market and aiming to bring onboard players who want both casino gaming and sports betting with one account.

Website Revamp

The GentingBet website has had a makeover to freshen things up for their players. This gives things a new feel and it looks really good; this was the first of three moves that they made to kick things off. Whether you are an experienced gambler or someone new to online betting, one thing you will notice with the new GentingBet website is that it is very easy to navigate. A combination of being fast and having simple and clear menus for players means that whether it is a sports bet on the football or a spin of the roulette wheel, you can get there quickly and easily thanks to the new site.

We are in a time where people have little spare time and those punters are looking for quick and easy ways to bet, so GentingBet have catered for that with their site revamp.

GentingBet Add NetEnt Games to Their Service

The second move from GentingBet came after the website revamp and this was to add NetEnt games to their service. The Swedish developers NetEnt are one of the biggest names in casino gambling, so it is no surprise to see GentingBet go out and sign a deal with them to coincide with the site changes.

This is certainly a big splash and one that players are going to really benefit from. NetEnt creates a variety of different games, with many top-quality slot titles alongside live games such as roulette and blackjack. They recently developed a new version of blackjack with their game called Perfect Blackjack and this will be available through GentingBet thanks to this deal.

Red Tiger Gaming Joins the GentingBet Service

Hot on the heels of signing a deal with NetEnt, GentingBet brought another new partner on board with Red Tiger Gaming also signing a deal. This perhaps shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise to players as not too long-ago Red Tiger Gaming was bought by NetEnt. Red Tiger Gaming are looking to grow in many different markets, with the UK being one of those and this is an example of how they can do that now they are part of the NetEnt overall group.

Red Tiger Gaming are fairly big already but with moves like this, they are only going to improve and grow further. One big selling point of their games is the cool features they have, with daily jackpot games and tournament play available on some of their titles. This is all something that GentingBet can market now they offer their games as part of their casino package and as far as the UK goes, this is only going to enhance and highlight what Red Tiger Gaming have on offer.