netent casino logoHot on the heels of launching their new live casino game Perfect Blackjack, NetEnt have revealed another big change to their service. Again, this focuses on their live casino service, and it is the arrival of a completely new platform.

With two rooms, six tables and five games on offer, this is a complete live casino service that is sure to be popular with both casino providers and players themselves as this service is rolled out.

This branded live casino service will look different depending on where you play it. There are different levels of customisation that casino providers can use to make the service look and feel like their own, so make sure you look out for those and see what is on offer from the casinos you are a member of.

Here are the basics of what you need to know:

  • One live casino service brought to you by NetEnt
  • Two different rooms available for players
  • Room one has two standard blackjack tables plus one VIP only table
  • Room two has Perfect Blackjack, Common Draw Blackjack and standard roulette
  • Total of five games across six different tables for players to explore
  • Change table or room within this new service without the need to go back to the lobby

Change Your Table and Game in Seconds

The big advantage of this new live casino service as far as players go is how easy it is to move around and change the table and game you are playing on. There is no need to go to the lobby to find somewhere new to play, you can simply leave the table you are on and move onto another table, even if this means moving from one room to another inside the feature.

This means whether it is playing the same game but changing table or moving games completely from blackjack to roulette, this is something you can do with ease.

All of this adds to the user experience and the speed in which you can play games online. In a world where we are all becoming busier and having less time to focus on gaming, having something like this that helps you switch around the game you are playing is something that can make a big difference.

If you are short on time then you no longer have to stick to one game if you are playing with a casino that offers this service. Instead, you can quickly flick between the new Perfect Blackjack title, roulette and standard blackjack if you wish without wasting any time.

It is clear that over the past few weeks, NetEnt have made big moves with their live casino service. This is something they are focusing on right now, following the trend that players are turning towards this due to the experience it gives.

Although you are playing online at home, the live casino section of any website allows you to play your favourite games along with a real-life dealer, something that appeals to many players.

The speed element of these games has always been an issue but with their new service, NetEnt have solved the issue of moving in between games and this is something that will certainly appeal to players who don’t have as much time as they would like to play casino games.