Red Tiger GamingIt has been a big few weeks for Red Tiger Gaming recently and they have added another deal to their books which will see their games have an even bigger reach. This deal is with Video Slots, with their jackpot network of games joining other titles that they already have on the platform. This means many more players will now be able to experience the games they have on offer, particularly the jackpot games.

The unique jackpots that Red Tiger Gaming offer certainly catch the eye, and with more people expected to see and play these due to this deal, it is only going to enhance their name and reputation with players. Not only do they offer regular progressive jackpot games but they also offer daily jackpots and even hourly jackpots for those who are looking to put themselves in with a chance of winning immediately.

Players who already play on these games through their casino should also be thrilled with this news. The addition of these games on the Video Slots website means a bigger reach, this should mean more players and that means bigger jackpots for those lucky enough to land a win.

The other people who should be thrilled with the news is Red Tiger Gaming themselves. They have been in the news a lot recently, signing up to a deal with GentingBet this month and being bought out by NetEnt in September.

When that takeover was completed, we were not sure what kind of strategy would be employed by Red Tiger Gaming moving forward but just one month later we have already seen the deal have a huge impact in how they are operating. They are being aggressive and getting their games out to a much wider audience, all thanks to the backing of NetEnt.

It is clear that NetEnt want to push this gaming company forward, and the improvements we are seeing can only be good for players who like their games. We have seen an investment in getting their products out to the public, and alongside that we will hopefully see an investment in the products themselves, which should end up with us having more games to choose from, and better games too.

This all looks positive for players, and especially positive for Red Tiger Gaming, who continue to grow after being bought by the NetEnt group.